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A Channeling-Revived, listening for a transformative experience by Garek Druss

The suggested listening range for headphone volume is half to three quarters up. This piece is meant to be looped, twice for a total running time of 48 minutes.

“Listening is the window that let’s us refine our internal and external surroundings. I am interested in using this window as a meditative experience to approach the void between our physical presence and the ethereal. By re-sculpting previous works into a new 24-minute looped composition, I am hoping to create a bridge between the conscious and unconscious states.” Druss

Below are the works Druss sourced and added to, to create this new piece:

RENDERINGS A MORE SUBTLE PALETTE: Forthcoming release, available late 2016.

ASCENSIONS CREST: Forthcoming release, available mid-2017.

PASSAGES TOWARDS NOCTURNAL, FOR ERWIN REDL: Commissioned by Seattle Washington’s Henry Art Museum as a non-traditional audio tour in conjunction with Summer Field Notes exhibition, 2014. The piece sonically guides the listener from the Henry Art Gallery’s front door, across the University of Washington’s campus to The Paul G. Allen Center of Computer Science and Engineering. Once inside the buildings atrium, the sound piece crescendos at the foot of the 85 foot LED light piece by the Austrian-born artist Erwin Redl.

MUSIC FOR THE CELESTIAL DIN: This composition is based on the installation The Celestial Din, from the 2014 solo exhibition at Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery. The sound work was based on a 5 channel audio and sculptural installation that was taken post exhibition and recomposed as an 18-minute piece.

Garek Druss is a Seattle/London-based sound and visual artist who creates work that explores the balance between the physical being and the incorporeal or non-being.  His aural works create active and engaged listening environments that allow for heightened states of self-reflection and phenomenological awareness. His work utilizes watercolor drawings, video, and vibrant soundscapes to create temporary ambient interactions that examine the human condition. Druss’ interest in creating work that develops the public’s sonic palette has lead him to several international residencies, multiple museum performances in the U.S. and Europe, album and sound art releases in conjunction with art exhibitions, installations, and live performances. He has collaborated in musical, dance, and performance-based projects, including the atmospheric electronic group, A Story of Rats. He also worked with the internationally recognized performance theater ensemble Saint Genet. In 2016, the electronic music label, Further Records, will release his new solo album with accompanying video works. Exhibition and performance locations include the Seattle Art Museum, the University of Washington’s Henry Art Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Kunsthalle, Krems Austria. He has received support from the New Foundation Seattle and 4Culture. His visual art is a part of several Seattle public collections.

©2016 Garek Druss


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