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In the Eggshell: An Esoteric Working Group

Current sessions are now full! A second session will likely be held in mid-August.

In the Eggshell is a monthly Working Group that aims to redress modern art by turning to how the sciences, religious beliefs, and occult traditions provide a better articulation of modern art. The Group employs imaginative and methodological intervention as a means of addressing some of the fundamental elements left out of the discourse.

You do not need formal training in this particular subject area to join In the Eggshell sessions. I prefer participants to come seeking knowledge, as eager contributors with diverse backgrounds. Although formally trained as an art historian, I am a peripatetic writer and researcher that thrives on interdisciplinary blurring. The discipline of art history often forgets they are only seeing part of the picture. 

If you are interested in joining as a future participant, please email desertsuprematism (at) gmail (dot) com.

Serious inquiries only!